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Real Body Bootcamp was created for this reason, to “Get your body back.” We designed various programs that are unique in helping you achieve faster results and make exercise a part of your life. All of our trainers are certified then trained for weeks under the Founder
to make sure clients are given the best attention and provided with safe yet fun workouts. Our clients have individuals needs and we work hard to achieve this. Read our reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

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Our Mission


Stronger, Faster, Longer Commitment to Get Your Body Back!

Even when she was swamped with a private psychotherapy practice and raising three kids, Bernadette Silva always found time for exercise. For the past 10 years, the certified personal trainer has studied boxing, yoga, and Pilates, ultimately developing her own workout style that fuses the aforementioned techniques with sports drills. In 2008, Bernadette and a group of local women launched the Neighborhood Workouts—the fitness program that would become Real Body Bootcamp. Bernadette designed the program with a therapeutic touch. She understands what people want in life, what they want to change and what would make them happy.

Today, Bernadette and her team of certified personal trainers lead a group of fitness classes throughout the week. Real Body Fit is a total body workout for men and women that incorporates athletic conditioning from soccer, football, and boxing drills. It also incorporates yoga and Pilates. It’s a workout where you can burn calories, tone and strengthen all major muscle groups.

The class list includes, Barre, Zumba, Piloxing, Kick box, Kids Bootcamp and Krav. The program is uniquely designed for anyone at any level. We create programs designed to a client’s need for one great price. Real Body staff are not just trainers they are coaches, they get to know the clients and provide them with the individual attention they deserve.

We at RBB want to help you build confidence, make you stronger, healthier and change the way you feel about exercise.